About Us

“In the field of law, even the small­est is just as enti­tled to justice as the biggest”.

We have chosen this state­ment to capture our profes­sional values, our energy and atten­tion to detail. It also expresses the over­all idea of serv­ing justice that is inher­ent to the prac­tice of a lawyer. In general, the law cannot make distinc­tions between the mighty and the meek, afford­ing the former more rights than the latter. In prac­tice, each indi­vid­ual has as many rights as he is able to defend through his own dili­gent efforts.

There­fore we offer our profes­sional knowl­edge, intel­li­gence and expe­ri­ence to those who are look­ing for profes­sional legal support in their busi­ness or social activ­i­ties, as well as to those who have been faced with the neces­sity of defend­ing their inter­ests.