Vaičiūnas and Vaičiūnas
Professional Law Partnership
V. Kudirkos Street 4-1a,
LT-03105 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone +370 5 213 03 81
Fax +370 5 213 03 84

About Us

The founders of Vaičiūnas and Vaičiūnas are brothers Audrius and Mindaugas. Having a common family heritage, we know what it means to trust each other, as well as the importance of having a reliable partner for reaching goals. Secure in our personal partnership, we have also united our professional knowledge, intelligence and experience.

“In the field of law, even the smallest is just as entitled to justice as the biggest”.

We have chosen this statement to capture our professional values, our energy and attention to detail. It also expresses the overall idea of serving justice that is inherent to the practice of a lawyer. In general, the law cannot make distinctions between the mighty and the meek, affording the former more rights than the latter. In practice, each individual has as many rights as he is able to defend through his own diligent efforts.

Therefore we offer our professional knowledge, intelligence and experience to those who are looking for professional legal support in their business or social activities, as well as to those who have been faced with the necessity of defending their interests.